About me:

Hello, I'm Ria!

I've spent several years career-hopping from journalism to management consulting to brand marketing, until I finally found my place as editor in chief of Stumble, the culture editorial of Kommune India. I live in New Delhi, India, and enjoy reading and writing about pop culture, lifestyle, and the experience of being human.

I’ve been writing since, well, I learnt how to write, but I started freelancing in 2020, when pandemic-driven soul searching drove me to try this field out. Prior to that, I interned at various media organizations, such as the Press Trust of India in 2018, where I contributed to news articles published by leading newspapers like Times of India and Hindustan Times. I worked at the entertainment desk at PTI for a month, covering culture events and doing interviews, which helped me realize that I enjoyed writing about pop culture. In early 2020, I spent three months at The Quint’s news desk, an experience that was both educational and incredibly fulfilling. In 2021, I became a regular contributor for BuzzFeed India. I juggle my writing pursuits with my full-time jobs, as well as an unofficial role as my household’s designated chai-maker.

I graduated from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University, with a first-class BA (Honours) degree in English Literature, and a minor degree in Psychology. I studied Humanities in school, where I was Head Girl from 2016 to 2017 and received a special scholarship award for securing a top-five rank in the batch for seven consecutive years.

I enjoy reading, watching things, overthinking, talking, and dancing. I have also been actively quizzing for over a decade now, and led the Quizzing Society of my college from 2019-2020. I have conducted various quizzes for schools, colleges and open quiz fests, and some of my personal favourites out of these are the FLAME Quiz at IIT Delhi's annual fest Rendezvous 2021, the Pop Culture Quiz at LSR’s fest Tarang 2019, the TLC at LSR, and the Inclusivity Quiz for a Covid Relief quiz fest that raised close to Rs 1 lakh.

To get in touch with me for work, or just to talk, drop an e-mail to [email protected]!

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